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Press Release

Virginia Governor, Secretary of Health Welcome Network of Care

Feb. 17, 2005
Virginia Gov. Mark Warner and Jane H. Woods, Secretary of Health and Human Resources

On behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Secretary of Health and Human Resources, and the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, this letter of congratulation is provided to the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, Henrico Area Mental Health and Retardation Services, and Chesterfield Community Services Board for their individual and collaborative leadership in bringing the Trilogy Integrated Resources Network of Care national best practice resource information system to your localities.

Your efforts, along with the encouragement and support of your local governments and the Health Planning Region IV Consortium, will enable consumers, family members, advocates, your own staff, providers, agencies and the general citizenry to be empowered with valuable information critical for accessing, understanding, and advocating for quality mental health, mental retardation, substance use and co-occurring disorders services.

Thank you for your dedicated efforts to best meet the needs of the Commonwealth's most vulnerable and needy citizens.

Very truly yours,

Mark R. Warner

Governor of Virginia

Jane H. Woods

Secretary of Health and Human Resources