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At Trilogy Integrated Resources we’ve been working with nonprofit social service agencies since 2000. Over that time we’ve built an enviable track record: our Network of Care products are used in every county in California, and in 25 states in the country.

In the last decade we’ve seen fundamental changes in the way services are funded and delivered. One such change was Proposition 63, the so called “millionaire’s tax” that earmarked funds from the wealthiest wage earners to fund the delivery of mental health services for the neediest Californians. Along with Prop 63 came challenges in workforce development, training, certification—the inner workings of government that ensure tax money is spent wisely, workers are properly trained to deliver services, and that services are in fact being delivered. Add to that the looming state budget crisis, and we could see the need for a smarter, more efficient way to train people, asses their training, and report on their progress.

In short, we plunged into the e-learning business. We researched the marketplace, found an industrial strength Learning Management System, and bought it with an eye to customizing a corporation-ready software platform for government agencies. The problem was that the needs of corporations and the needs of government are so vastly different that an off-the-shelf LMS wasn’t going to meet the needs of our clients in state and county agencies around the country.

What was needed was a decentralized, autonomous, and integrated Learning Management System. One that could be used by state, county, and provider networks. The feedback we got from our clients was clear: every player in the services ecosystem wanted their own system, customized to train their employees and get them up to speed on new regulations, and included automatic roll-up reporting. We soon discovered that model for an LMS did not exist.

Until now. It’s been 3.5 years in the making, but the Network of Care E-Learning management system is now ready for prime time. We’ve listened to our customers to make sure this product meets their needs. We’ve listened to vendors in the marketplace too — so we made Network of Care E-Learning a neutral marketplace of courseware. Instead of locking agencies into a rigid set of courses from one vendor, they can upload as many catalogs as they like, or choose best of breed courses from the providers they wish. And if agencies don’t see a program of instruction that meets their needs, we can work with educational software providers to create customized learning modules.

Today we’re proud to deliver a Learning Management system that can connect everyone in state and local government, from the people on the front lines of government services to department heads. With a button click we can deliver courseware and roll-up reporting. The economies of scale are real and can be measured on the bottom line. Instead of each agency reinventing their own training, they can deploy a single system and use the money they save on delivering the services their constituents demand.