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Pirro Unveils a Breakthrough Web Solution

April 22, 2004
News 10 Now

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - If you're concerned about mental health, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse there's now a website that can help.

Onondaga County Executive Nick Pirro unveiled the breakthrough Web solution today. It's called the Network of Care for Behavioral Health. It allows consumers and families to find important behavior health information, identify available services, supports, and community resources, and keep personal records secure.

"It provides the most current knowledge, a knowledge base from around the world, about diseases and conditions that people face. And what that in turn does, is it empowers people with information by which they can make better decisions about the things that are facing them," President of Trilogy - builders of the website - Bruce Bronzan said.

Onondaga County is the first county in the state to make this resource available to the general public.

To check out the website visit