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Healthwatch on KJWL Radio

February 2, 2004
Mary Wallace

FRESNO, Calif. - To me, no area of our healthcare system is more misunderstood than behavioral health. As a healthcare executive, a parent, a senior, and a caregiver, I’ve endured the same challenging emotions that everyone faces. I’ve worked at detox clinics. I’ve run an AIDS Foundation…

But, almost nothing can make you feel more isolated or helpless, than when someone you love develops depression.

Navigating the maze of health services can be depressing all by itself. But here in Fresno County, things are looking up. The Network of Care website offers mental and emotional wellness information online. Here’s the address: www-dot-fresno-dot-networkofcare-dot-org.

Taking care of emotional health isn’t always easy. But now, with the Network of Care at your fingertips, finding help is much easier. Log on to

For KJWL, I’m Mary Wallace