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Solano County, California launches Network of Care Website

May 21, 2015
Times-Herald News

Solano County residents can now establish, view and access their own health records as part of Health and Social Service’s new Network of Care, putting the consumer in charge of their own health management, county officials announced.

To maximize user experience, the county’s new Network of Care online portal,, combines some of the most commonly accessed resources, including health, economic and social services, into a single website, they said. The website provides self-help and agency resources in all areas of social, health and economic services and interventions, they said.

The streamlined approach gives users more control over their health and economic situation while allowing county staff to focus on providing high-quality care, officials said.

“We need a broad initiative to move Solano’s economy forward and our board has already committed resources to linking our residents to needed services that support our economic development,” Solano County District 2 Supervisor Linda Seifert said in a statement. “The county’s new Network of Care website will be one of those resources where clients use self-help tools and a service directory to advance their career and access the services that help them do that.”

Besides counseling and an online community through event calendars, group spaces and public forums, residents may now establish their Personal Health Records (PHR), which can be accessed by physicians in clinical and emergency situations, officials said.

This should significantly improve continuity of care for patients, they said. PHRs are maintained with strict confidentiality and do not interface with electronic health records, officials said.

The Network of Care is the result of a partnership between Health and Social Service staff and community-based organizations and key stakeholder groups like seniors, employment placement facilities, primary care clinics, libraries and assisted living facilities, all of which provided input in the client portal’s customization, formatting and layout, they said. It was also the result of a contract the county entered into last year with Trilogy Integrated Resources, LLC for website’s expansion and maintenance.

Before the network’s launch, finding information on county economic and health care services was challenging, officials said.

“Today, clients can seamlessly access all relevant program resources without having to click through numerous Health and Social Services websites,” they said. “Content is updated regularly and is easy to maintain.”

For information, contact Stephan Betz, Deputy Director, Solano County Health and Social Services at, (707) 784-8207 or