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Ohio AAA8 Honors Meigs County Director, Opens Network of Care Web Site

April 5, 2011
Pomeroy Daily Sentinel

POMEROY, Ohio – Beth Shaver, executive director of the Meigs County Council on Aging since June, 2004, has been awarded the Area Agency on Aging 8’s “Aging Partnership Award.”

The presentation, which came as a surprise to Shaver, was made at Friday’s semi-annual meeting of Buckeye Hills and its Area Agency on Aging 8 (AAA8).

“This year’s award goes to someone who is hard at work every day serving seniors,” said Rick Hindman, AAA8 Director, in his presentation. “Since 1987 she has had a role with Seniors in Meigs County planning and implementing programs and being a staunch advocate for funding and services.”

Hindman explained that the Area Agency on Aging 8 Partnership Award recognizes a current or past Buckeye Hills AAA8 Regional Advisory Council member, provider, community or county leader who exemplifies the principles of vision and leadership and an ongoing commitment to the mission of AAA8 in the 8-county region.

As the Director of The Meigs County Council on Aging agency serving older adults and their families in Meigs County, Shaver is a “key partner in the community,” said Hindman. “She is always thinking of new and exciting programs. New bakery services for the community at the holidays, Friday meals for businesses, catering events and a Community Wellness Center, just to name a few.”

Another highlight of the annual meeting was the announcement of the new Southeast Ohio Network of Care web site, a resource which can be accessed directly at

The site is designed as a break-through solution to further empower seniors and people with disabilities, caregivers and service providers with comprehensive long-term care services, information and education available in the eight-county region.

“Our goal is to give individuals the tools they need to age with dignity and to assist their caregivers in the process,” said Hindman, AAA8 Director. “The Network of Care site helps people find the right services at the right time. It is a great resource for folks to find information, resources, and even confidentially manage their personal medical information on the free personal health record.”

The Network of Care will help people find resources without having to waste a lot of time searching. As a resource of Southeastern Ohio Aging and Disability Resource Network, the site will also enable service providers to help clients connect to the resources they need through better inter-agency communications.

For more details, contact (800) 331-2644 or visit