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Press Release

Governor of Nebraska Praises Network of Care

Mar 30, 2009
Network of Care

Network of Care Website Can Help Those in Need
By Governor Dave Heineman
March 30, 2009

Dear Fellow Nebraskans:

The Division of Behavioral Health within the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has launched a new online service that serves a collection of information and resources on behavioral health issues.

The Network of Care site, available at, is an easy-to-use site available to help people improve their lives and find the right service at the right time. It is a comprehensive and interactive site providing information on mental health, substance abuse and gambling disorders.

Until now, this information existed on a number of other websites. The Network of Care site gives users a single point of entry to access information, advocacy tools and a vast, easy-to-search library of resources that can help those dealing with mental illness and connect caregivers and service providers across our state.

The Network of Care site provides unprecedented access to information and resources for those dealing with mental illness and substance abuse issues in our state. It can help consumers and their families find the services they need, in addition to researching disorders and reaching out to a network of online users.

Information collected on the site ranges from treatment resources and medications to links to insurance and service provider websites. It features a digital library with information on behavioral health disorders and treatments, news articles and the latest research on mental health and substance abuse issues from around the world.

The Network of Care website features a map linking to a comprehensive list of service providers, organized by the six Behavioral Health Regions in the state. Providers can also link their websites to the site.

It helps users connect to one another and share their stories. Consumers can communicate directly with behavioral health officials and other users through both public and private message boards. It also provides a forum for providers to exchange ideas.

One of the most helpful tools allows users to organize and store medical and health-related records in a secure and accessible way. This online record allows a person to create an assistance plan to give a family member, friend or emergency personnel the information needed to provide help and relief in the face of a crisis. Users can store information ranging from current medications and emergency contact information for doctors and health care professionals to details that help trusted individuals intervene in order to help a friend or loved one focus on getting better.

In the days since it was launched, Nebraska’s Network of Care website has received positive response from consumers, families and providers. The site puts the information that can help consumers lead a more productive live within easy reach.

The vast resources of the Network of Care site help empower individuals and families to seek out the information they need in a field where treatments, research and service providers continue to expand. It is the latest example of how we are using online tools to put the information people need at their fingertips.