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Hanover Township, Ill., Unveils Community-Based Web Site for People with Mental Illness, Mental Retardation or Substance Abuse Issues, Their Families and Service Providers

October 15, 2008
Network of Care

Network of Care was conceptualized by two men, Bruce Bronzan and Afshin Khosravi, but before the idea was born these two men were doing amazing work in their respected fields. Mr. Bronzan has an impressive background in health, human services and substance abuse, and is a former member of the California State Legislature, chairing the Health Committee for 10 years. Mr. Khosravi has enjoyed a career of building highly interactive community-based websites that serve organizations for disadvantaged populations. These two men teamed up to spearhead Trilogy Integrated Resources Inc., which eventually collaborated with the California Department of Mental Health and the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, funded by a state grant, to launch Network of Care in San Diego County in April 2003. Trilogy’s effort to expand communication in the health and social services field has brought Network of Care to currently 21 states and 454 counties around the country. The NOC is expanding rapidly with 200 more sites coming online within the next three months.