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Pitkin County, Colo., Unveils Community-Based Health and Human Services Web Sites for Seniors and People With Disabilities, and Children and Family Services

June 4, 2008
Network of Care

ASPEN, Colo. – Pitkin County today introduces a breakthrough solution for seniors and people with disabilities, and children and families and those who serve them with two Web-based resources called the Pitkin County Network of Care for Seniors & People with Disabilities and the Pitkin County Network of Care for Children & Family Services.

The multilingual, community-based Web sites provide current, comprehensive information and resources on health and human services, all readily accessible to consumers, community-based organizations and municipal government workers. The resources in this “virtual community” include a fast, comprehensive Service Directory; links to pertinent Web sites from across the nation; a comprehensive, easy-to-use Library; a political advocacy tool; community message boards and many other user-friendly features.

This easy-to-use Web site provides an extensive directory to put people in touch with the right services at the right time. This unique, one-stop information tool enables you to keep personal records, create an online family meeting place, and communicate directly with elected officials to make your voice heard.

The public is invited to join county officials and community leaders for the formal launch of the Pitkin County Network of Care Web sites, which will take place on Wednesday, June 4th, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the Pitkin County Library meeting room (lower level). You will see a live demonstration at that time. At 1:30 pm, a special hour of training will be offered to those who want to get a more in-depth look at the site’s capabilities in order to train others. Immediately following this, the launch party will begin.

Network of Care began as a grant program for California-based organizations to develop creative solutions to, among other things, help constituents “age in place” – make greater use of services allowing them to stay in their own communities for as long as possible. Following the California launch in 2001, many other states and counties have collaborated to develop other topic-specific sites – for mental/behavioral health, young children (0 to 5), children and families with children 0 to 18, developmental disabilities, domestic violence, public health, and probation services.

“The Network of Care Web site directory provides a tremendous service to our citizens. Network of Care will help people find the resources they need without having to waste a lot of time searching. It also will provide invaluable assistance to service providers, helping to expand and improve upon our services and programs. This valuable resource will increase access and knowledge of existing services and will enable more people to communicate to each other about their interests and concerns related to health and wellness issues,” said Pitkin County Health and Human Services Director, Nan Sundeen.